Inspired by the rugged beauty of the Scottish landscape, motivated by the integral role of character within Portraiture & driven ever forward by a passion for Philosophical Art, Scott Cameron Wanstall is an award-winning & published Fine-Art Photographer based in Ayrshire, Scotland. 

Directly related to the late James Huck; Landscape & Portrait artist & assistant Director of the world-renowned Glasgow School of Art, Scott is building a strong reputation for his own artistic output, working with & being commissioned by clients within a broad range of local, domestic & international industries. 

The Eye of God Photography, as a business & as an extension of Scott’s creative skillset, is a collection of works that both define & expand upon the experiences of the individual & in essence, it is an attempt on behalf of the artist to harness the beauty that resides within existence; a love letter authored by light & in colour & a recording of experience in itself. 

Equal parts fantasy, perseverance, creativity & hard work, Scott’s output continues to capture the attention of new audiences & has recently been exhibited in New York by the National Trust for Scotland Foundation U.S.A.