Behind the Camera

'Self-Portrait, 2018'


Heir to the late Landscape & Portrait artist & Assistant Director of the world-renowned Glasgow School of Art, Scott Cameron Wanstall is an award-winning creative & professional Photographer based in Ayrshire, Scotland.

Entirely self-taught, Scott honed his craft on the temperamental & constant state of flux that is the South-West Coast of Scotland; creating photographs that both document the moment at which they are exposed & celebrating the conditions in which they were captured. Scott approaches each and every photograph with a renewed sense of vigour & determination - ever striving to hone his craft in order to offer the best possible work to his clients and followers alike.

Originally trained as a Sound Designer and Audio Engineer, Scott found the migration from the manipulation of acoustic waveforms to the manipulation of converging light to be a natural progression;

"I've always been fascinated by the machinations of a sound - and subsequently, the process by which it may be captured and re-animated. From the careful dissection of an original waveform to create a whole new palette of sonic artefacts, to capturing the sonic framework of a space in order to utilise its reverberant properties to enhance an ‘acousmatic’ musical recording.

Photography to me carries the same intrigue, though instead of acoustic waveforms, one works with light in order to successfully create a visual representation of a subject. I'd always had an interest in the visual nature of things & the play of light upon a subject, but it wasn't until I bought my first proper camera that I began to truly use my eyes."

Working on a plethora of photographic projects & gaining a reputation for his creative abilities within Ayrshire & across Scotland, Scott has been commissioned by local Councils, Funding Bodies & notable groups such as Historic Scotland & the National Trust for Scotland to create a broad range of photographs for marketing purposes, networking events & web design. Scott is also an active member of the Princes Trust & the Ayrshire Chamber of Commerce & his work continues to be shown in local galleries & in regional press.

Scott will soon have his work exhibited in New York by the National Trust for Scotland in the U.S.A.


Ayrshire - The Land of the Bard

Ayrshire - The Land of the Bard