On A Bright Summer's Morning (Repost)

I’m looking out over the sea. It’s a beautiful summers morning and I’ve got Lana Del Rey’s ‘Love’ playing from my car as I sit on the weather-beaten ballast wall.

The early morning sun casts its rays down unto our world, making every colour in the spectrum pop… It’s beautiful to behold, from the deep emerald green of algae growing on the wall, to the enticing cobalt blue of the sea and the sky which become one somewhere off in the horizon.

It’s in moments like this that I realise just why I love photography. The lens becomes the eye, it replaces the short line of natural sight with an enhanced view that can be recorded and edited; captured and saved in time forevermore. The lens becomes the eye, the camera body becomes the brain and the memory card literally becomes memory – an ever present archive that can be retained forever if so desired.

While the world at large continues to orbit around the sun and while society continues to trample every moment underfoot I am able to stop time and to experience a rare natural adoration for my surroundings. Each object within the lens becomes a world in itself, with every shadow titillating the operator with a new sense of perspective. As the controller of my subject, I am able to take control of the moment forevermore should I wish to. I am able to simply enjoy the image that I have dutifully captured or I can warp it to suit my own worldview. Thus, the camera and its lens becomes the Eye of God… and I become the Creator of Worlds, the Great Destroyer & the Controller of Fate!

Gone is the cynical nature of human society in this world of fantasy; gone is the need to prove oneself to peers and controllers, gone is the need to ‘fit in’ to the expected way of all things and gone is the generalised oppression of everyday existence.

– Lost to the gentle ebb and flow of the blue sea on a bright summers morning.


Looking Forward

Looking Forward