No More Excuses (Pushing Forward).

I always put shooting video off. I’d convinced myself that I’d be no good at it and that it was too much work for me. In all honesty though, I was scared to get behind the lens. I was afraid of making a fool of myself, of how I would look and of putting myself in the public eye.

I was making excuses.

Today though, everything changed. I decided to throw myself in at the deep end and to make a proper video for YouTube. I went into the shoot telling myself that I’d just continue what I’d been doing with my phone; 30 odd second clips of me desperately trying to keep it together. However, I found a nice composition for a photograph (to be the foundation of the video) and found myself completely at ease with the whole thing - in fact, the whole process made me value my final image a hell of a lot more.

Contrary to my initial attitude, I actually found myself loving the process - capturing video at different angles to help move the thing along, capturing some pretty basic ‘b-roll’ and even some studio footage (where, if I’m being completely honest, I was absolutely bricking it). It was only once I’d edited the video and put my ending together that I realised that I’d completed something that I thought I wasn’t capable of doing!

Ok, so it’s not perfect, in fact, it’s pretty rudimentary. But, it’s a testimony to my efforts and something I’m really proud of (for now), haha!

The moral of this particular story is this;

If you’ve got something that you want to do, but are afraid that you’ll make an arse of it - or you’re simply not confident enough - JUST DO IT.

Don’t let your mind put you off and don’t give in to the pressure of ‘what if’. Throw that attitude into the wind and get stuck into it! You just don’t know what might happen… Who knows? You might just feel like you accomplished something!

- Maybe in a year or so, when I'm shooting ultra professional, awe-inspiring pieces of cinematic history (ok, ok) I'll look back at this and say "what the HELL was I thinking!?"

But at least I tried.