The Lamentations of an Elder Citizen

Oaft! It’s the first of January 2018 - A new year, a fresh start and another 365 days worth of opportunities to be embraced!

Having met with the Princes Trust, attended in-depth business seminars and submitting a rough copy of my business plan / proposal to their funding panel, I’m happy to announce that I will be receiving the funding that I require to take The Eye of God Photography to the next level - to run it as my first business. This is a venture which I am extremely excited to explore - to ride the tiger, as it were.

I have a lot to do to make this happen in January though. I need to finish my website, sort out my finances, get in touch with the Inland Revenue and put the final touches onto my plan for the year. However, once these small hurdles have been cleared I’ll be ready to get out there and get stuck in.

I’ve got some pretty big things planned, things which I can’t reveal as of this moment in time - but, what I can reveal is that I aim to get my YouTube channel off the ground (having posted my first video in December here; with more videos detailing my photographic journey to come, to start offering one-to-one photographic workshops, to work with a lot of interesting people and to generally grow as a person and as a professional - I also plan to get out a lot more. This means full on and intensive extended trips into the Scottish wilderness (Rain, Hail or Shine), journeys further afield than I’ve previously been thus far and generally discovering places that I haven’t seen before. Most folk want to visit other countries, but I want to devour my homeland before I go anywhere else. I want to explore every nook and cranny and to experience everything that this amazing place on Earth has to offer.

It's with all of this buzzing around my head that I enter a new year. I’ve never enjoyed Hogmanay before, but standing on the harbour, between the land and the sea - embracing the winds of Storm Dylan with Chelsea in my arms and Cooper at my feet - I was actually excited for the clock to read 00.00. 


The image below, taken while everyone was out celebrating, details a sculpture in Ayr town centre known locally as ‘The Fish Cross’. The sculpture stands amongst a slew of empty shops - a dismal spectre and representation of the town today. The figure stands, looking down at the fish in his arms - symbolic of the Ayr of yesteryear; a successful place built upon local trade - now just a shadow of itself, falling apart all around him.

I took this photograph not to revel in Ayr’s creeping decrepitude, but to inspire myself to enact positive change - no matter how small a fish I may be (pun intended). I personally remember Ayr as a thriving social hub full of small businesses and that’s the way I’d like the future generations to remember it too. It is for this reason that I pledge to donate a portion of my profits as a business into local development charities and into local food banks.

Why the food banks? Well, during the process of starting all of this up I was owed a considerable sum of money. I was rapidly reaching the point where the money I was borrowing was running out, my overdraft was breached and I was really struggling both financially and mentally. Though I knew the money I was owed was coming, I realised how bad it must be for those who live in that constant state of desperation through no fault of their own. Walking through the supermarket a week before Christmas feeling sorry for myself, I came to the realisation that there were people in my community that were truly suffering; and I wanted to actively combat such a corrosive social ailment if I could. 

While the powers that be seem to act in a manner that suggests that we don’t matter and that our towns are simply a hindrance to their plans, it is up to us as a COMMUNITY to support those greatest in need around us - the Princes Trust are helping me, so it is only right that I extend a helping hand too. Should you have the means, I’d implore you to do the same. 

It may be an un-realistic Utopian ideal, but lets actually do something for each another in 2018, so that no one needs to wake up in the morning feeling like there is no point in carrying on.



'The Lamentations of an Elder Citizen'