Landscape Photography - Rekindling the Creative Fire

Over the last couple of weeks the weather on the West Coast of Scotland has been rather dull. Cold winds, overcast skies & endless rain have sapped any semblance of productive local photography & I’ve been working away in the studio, making portraits for commercial clients & corporate leaders.

Finally, there was a break in the localised cloud. I travelled up the coast to Inverclyde where I enjoyed a full day of making great (ahem) photographs - from coastal panoramas, intimate seaside shots, hillside portraits & even some abstract sunset work to top it off..

I don’t often suffer from a lack of creativity, but when I do, it’s usually because the weather prevents the creation of unique photographs. I suppose that’s just reality here on the West Coast.

My advice would be to either a) leave the camera alone & do some research to pass the time or b) focus on making photographs in a different style, fine art for example. This will help to keep your mind working whilst the weather passes by.

The image below distilled all of the abject weather into a panoramic image which both tells a story & highlights the different weather patterns that we face on the coast - Argyll from Cloch Point, Inverclyde.