Fine Art Photography : Making 'Beside You in Time'

It was a lonely day on the shore front; the lighting was exceptionally flat & the low-altitude blanket of cloud meant that any hope of decent colour during sunset was null & void. Instead of leaving the beach empty handed however, I opted to change out my wide angle lens for something a bit longer to pick out any smaller details in the landscape. I soon spotted a composition that I liked, a single solitary soul wandering along the beach defined only by their silhouette. At that point, I decided that I'd try something a bit different.

To create the image I had in mind, I had to capture two photographs. One was of the figure striding along the beach at a fast shutter speed of around 1/200th of a second & the other was to be a shot with a longer shutter speed of approximately 1 second, which allowed me enough time to shoot with 'intentional camera movement'. Basically, I had my camera on a tripod, level with the horizon. During the longer exposure, I rotated the head of the tripod so that the scene seemed to smear across the frame.

Once I had the two exposures that I needed, I headed home & fired up Photoshop. I opened the two exposures, placing the shorter exposure on top of the longer. I then used tools such as the selection tool & the eraser to leave only the man and the Arctic Tern (100% as shot) on top of the 'smeared' layer. After some basic colour editing and exposure tweaks, the photograph which you see now was what I was left with. 

The entire process was very simple, yet the final result is very interesting & visually arresting, with the sharp lines capturing your attention & dividing the frame as the figure seemingly moves through it - hounded by the Tern!

Camera Settings;

Short Exposure : 85mm - 1/200' Exposure @ f 1.4, ISO 100
Long Exposure : 85mm -  1' Exposure @ f 11, ISO 100 + Polarising Filter


Beside You in Time - framed.jpg