Portrait / Fashion Photography : A poem inspired by my work :)

I recently shared the following photograph on my Facebook page as a bit of an experiment & I was taken by surprise when one of my followers left the wonderful poem below in the comments field. I am honoured that a piece of my work has inspired someone else to create something & that they were compelled to compose a poem based on their experience of my output! 

[The photograph itself was an experimental street fashion shot for Glasgow based fashion label Social Recluse.]




"Hint of Light" 

There in the shadows wry,
smile on his lips, the frame
was denied me, disguised
identity, memory digs.

High brow raised eyebrow
gave out no hint, tshirt now
shapeless of the light just
a hint. 

With no greater knowledge
of the shadowy shape I
stepped in the shadows
resigned to my fate. 

Poem Written by Kit Duddy for The Eye of God Photography. You can follow Kit and read more of his wonderful prose in the following link;