Pet Portraiture


It’s all about Character…

Photographing a beloved family companion for a timeless pet portrait is a highly rewarding experience; from quickly getting to know your friend, to capturing their wonderful & unique natural characters in a photograph that conveys real emotion & depth. I approach each photograph as I would a human portrait - using my photographic skills to create images that you will love & cherish.

As a fellow animal lover myself, I am able to approach each individual subject in a warm, friendly & safe manner - without any pressure. My fondness for the honesty of animals means that I am able to spot the subtle characteristics that make each of my subjects unique & it is my aim to capture this forevermore, for the times that we may not have the opportunity to simply look to our sides & appreciate our companions company.

Once we have concluded our shoot, you will receive the digital files within 24-48 hours & will be given the opportunity to suggest any changes you would like made to the final images before discussing any printing requirements you may have.


  • £35.00 p/ Subject, Interior or Outdoor Shoot.

  • £15.00 p/ A4 Lab-Quality Print (Signed & Sealed).

  • £70.00 p/ Luxurious Gallery-Framed A4 Print.

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    Scott made excellent portraits of my kitties and my doggie. They are so amazing. He managed to capture the essence of each of them. I am very happy our paths crossed. Thank you Scott”

    - Barbara Eva Parrish, Ayr